Interview with Nick Frost – Cuban Fury

I was invited to interview Nick Frost about his new romantic comedy Cuban Fury also starring Rashida Jones and Chris O’Dowd with some hilarious supporting roles played by Ian McShane and Kayvan Novak. Bruce Garrett (Frost) is a former child Salsa champion who rediscovers his love for Salsa as

The Secret is Out about Moontower Comedy

Only three years in, this scrappy upstart comedy festival feels like an established event. While the first night of the 2012 and 2013 festivals was lightly attended outside the headliner shows, last night saw every venue participating packed to capacity. Attendees are excited to see Demitri Martin,

Big Jay Oakerson Wants to Know What’s Your F#@ing Deal?!

The “Big” in Big Jay Oakerson is very fitting.  He’s a big dude with a ponytail, prone to wearing fingerless gloves that makes him look like the proverbial guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.  He’s also got a big personality that reaches out

Jen Kirkman Seems Like Fun

Jen Kirkman does it all – the Los Angeles-based stand-up frequently tours the country, she writes and appears on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, she’s the author of I Can Barely Take Care of myself, a humorous look at the child-free life, and she hosts her own

Andrew Ginsburg: Eat The Yolk (Album Review)

Springtime has finally arrived getting people motivated and excited to start new things.  There’s no better way to kick off the best time of year than with a healthy workout.  Actually, there is a better way: a healthy workout and some huge laughs.  Yes, the laugh work

GRINGO Sketch Group, LA’s Funny Men on YouTube (Video)

GRINGO posts short comedy sketches every Monday on YouTube. The group consists of five stand-up comedians: Jeremiah Watkins, Omar Nava, Chris Edwards, Jon McCarthy, and Gil Garibaldo. Their comedy ranges from dry humor to absurd and everything in between. You can watch and subscribe to them on

Best Bets for Moontower Comedy & Oddity festival 2014

I always think we’d do better to treat comedy like we do music – there’s different styles in different sections and maybe you love grunge and hate country, but you can still appreciate the artistic and production values of a Garth Brooks album or find yourself singing

Why Artists Need Money to Buy Time, Not Things

“I’d rather have the thieves than the neighbors. The thieves don’t impose. Thieves just want your things, neighbors want your time.” – Larry David Like anybody, I want to make a lot of money and be rich. I used think I wanted that money to buy cool

The Live Read – Space Jam Starring Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

The comedy world might have just gained two (physically) huge stars. Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan appeared at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles to take part in a live table read of the 1996 classic film, Space Jam. The Live Read

Don Jamieson: Hell Bent For Laughter (Album Review)

It’s the morning commute.  You’re in the car, you’re stuck in traffic, and you have the radio on.  America’s newest pop sensation comes on singing the song that gets stuck in your head all day.  That sucks!  Instead of starting your day off on the wrong foot,

GTA Non-Playable Character Web Series

Are you a gamer?  Do you play Grand Theft Auto?  Have you ever asked yourself, “What would it be like to be a person living in the world of Grand Theft Auto?” Well then, first you should take a minute and go outside, and then you should

Craig Gass: That’s What He Said

It is said in comedy, a comic spends the beginning of their career finding their voice.  For stand up comedian Craig Gass, it took those early years to find multiple voices.  The dynamic impressionist has been wowing audiences for years with his spot on impressions of celebrities

Tim Harmston: the Most Bees Ever

When you first listen to Comedian Tim Harmston’s album The Most Bees Ever, you may think you are listening to a man-child goofball. A goofball with very well-written and smart material. Originally released in 2011, The Most Bees Ever was re-released in early 2014 on Stand Up! records. Harmston is hysterically funny, and

Hilarious FROZEN YouTube Video

If you are a fan of the Oscar winning animated movie FROZEN then you will know why this new YouTube video has almost 3.5 million views in just five days.  Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen (Love Is an Open Door) is hilarious.  A couple lip syncs Love

Fred Stoller: Maybe We’ll Have You Back

On 3rd Ave. and Fairfax in Los Angeles, there is a meeting place for residents and tourists alike called the Farmers Market.  Here, comedian and actor Fred Stoller sits for an interview with  He enjoys the market because the passing crowds of shoppers and sense of