Monthly Archive:: October 2011

Showtime Decides to Take ‘Dave’s Old Porn,” Premiere Tonight

Comedian Dave Attell is set to host a brand new Showtime television series entitled "Dave's Old Porn," in which he and his buddies volunteer their honest opinions on classic films from the Golden Age of  pornographic cinema

New Sitcom, HBO Special for George Lopez

Despite the cancellation of his late-night comedy show, "Lopez Tonight," comedian George Lopez is keeping himself busy with the development of a new sitcom and an HBO comedy special

Comedian Joe Rogan Returns As Fear Factor Host

Maggots and testicles and roaches.. Oh my! With comedian Joe Rogan at the helm again as the Fear Factor host, NBC will mark its two-hour premiere on December 12th

Comedian Artie Lange Jumps on the Twitter Bandwagon

Comedian Artie Lange finally creates a Twitter account after two years of feeling away from technological advances

Janet Jackson’s New Tour Contract Forbids Making Jokes About the Jackson Family

Some people find Michael Jackson jokes quite humorous. That is unless you are the King of Pops' sister, Janet.

Steve Hofstetter Plans to Open a Comedy Club in Long Island

The Laughing Devil Comedy Club seats only 50 people, but don't let the diminutive size underestimate its possible future.

Chris Tucker Faces Foreclosure on $1.6 Million Home

Tough economical times knock on many doors these days, celebrities included

Larry the Cable Guy Surprise Visits the Palins in Alaska

On a recent trip to Anchorage, Alaska for his show at the George M. Sullivan Sports Arena, comedian Dan Whitney, more commonly known as “Larry the Cable Guy,” decided to make a surprise visit to one of his most famous fans.

FX Goes “Legit” by Giving a Green Light to Jim Jeffries

Many of America’s leading comedy shows have been inspired by television series’ from England. Networks like NBC and FOX have all succeeded in translating British shows into American powerhouses. For FX, though, they looked south and found gold.

Medicinal Laughter

Ask Danielle Mandella if there’s anything funny about cystic fibrosis and she’s quick to answer: “Everything!”

Comedian Tracy Morgan Discusses Anti-Gay Remarks on Late Show

Comedian and actor of "30 Rock" stepped out on to the Late Show and discussed how he feels now about the criticism he recieved.

Legendary Comedian Irwin Corey Begs for Money to Help Cuban Children

Legendary comedian Professor Irwin Corey, now 97, is out on the streets asking for money

Will Ferrell Tells Fans to Write Letters to Paramount in Hopes of “Anchorman 2″

Actors Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell are both in for "Anchorman 2" but its really up to Paramount whether the film is created.

Jonah Hill’s New Sitcom on FOX to Star Hannibal Buress

Comedian and actor of the recent film Moneyball has got together with the rising-to-fame stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress in pursuit of producing  and co-writing a sitcom that is due to be on FOX.

Bill Maher To Perform in Fresno, California

Comedian and host of the popular HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher will perform for the first time in Fresno, California October 30 at the William Saroyan Theatre at 8 p.m.