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Meet The Comics: Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, & Dan Perlman

It’s that time again ladies and gents to Meet the Comics!  In this edition, AmericasComedy got to hang with three up and coming comics who rock the mics in New York City and are on their grind daily.  Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, and Dan Perlman keep full

Jim Florentine: Fearlessy Funny

The world has become a very politically correct place.  Whether the intent was for a good reason or out of fear of those complaining, the conversation has lost its honesty.  Enter the comedian.  Even more specifically, enter Jim Florentine.  Co-host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show and

It’s Mic Nite w/ Gregory Joseph, Maribeth Mooney, & Teresa DeGaetano

To be a stand up comic in New York means to have a variety of shows to get up on. Open mics begin as early as 4:30 PM and the pro showcases at major clubs last through the date changing on your phone. The art of comedy

Andrew Ginsburg: Eat The Yolk (Album Review)

Springtime has finally arrived getting people motivated and excited to start new things.  There’s no better way to kick off the best time of year than with a healthy workout.  Actually, there is a better way: a healthy workout and some huge laughs.  Yes, the laugh work

Why Artists Need Money to Buy Time, Not Things

“I’d rather have the thieves than the neighbors. The thieves don’t impose. Thieves just want your things, neighbors want your time.” – Larry David Like anybody, I want to make a lot of money and be rich. I used think I wanted that money to buy cool

Don Jamieson: Hell Bent For Laughter (Album Review)

It’s the morning commute.  You’re in the car, you’re stuck in traffic, and you have the radio on.  America’s newest pop sensation comes on singing the song that gets stuck in your head all day.  That sucks!  Instead of starting your day off on the wrong foot,

Craig Gass: That’s What He Said

It is said in comedy, a comic spends the beginning of their career finding their voice.  For stand up comedian Craig Gass, it took those early years to find multiple voices.  The dynamic impressionist has been wowing audiences for years with his spot on impressions of celebrities

Fred Stoller: Maybe We’ll Have You Back

On 3rd Ave. and Fairfax in Los Angeles, there is a meeting place for residents and tourists alike called the Farmers Market.  Here, comedian and actor Fred Stoller sits for an interview with  He enjoys the market because the passing crowds of shoppers and sense of

No Name Turns 20: Art Flourishes in Manhattan Communities

A twentieth anniversary is something to be proud of.  It’s shows longevity, dedication, and prosperity.  The No Name Comedy and Variety Show in New York City celebrates it’s twentieth anniversary on Wednesday, February 26th in Washington Heights’ historic United Palace Theater.  Founded by host Eric Vetter, No

Ron Hutchinson: The Vitaphone Project

Ron Hutchinson has been a fan of classic comedies since watching The Joe Franklin Show at the age of five. The famous show which aired on channel 9 in New York  presented classic movies and music to a new generation of fans. Hutchinson’s interest in these films stayed with

The Cult Comedy Pictures Holiday Show

In today’s world, the internet takes center stage for all things media related. It has changed entertainment, news, and how people keep in touch.  Because of this, the internet also has become the great resource for upcoming artists to make their presence know in the industry.  However,

Mark DeMayo: 20 & Out

It’s not easy becoming a professional comedian.  Try doing it while working full time on the NYPD.  Comedian Mark DeMayo did just that.  The retired detective, now 46, is working on his one-man show 20 & Out named after the phrase describing officers who retire after twenty

Come Party With The Birthday Boys!

It’s time to celebrate with The Birthday Boys; the new sketch comedy show on IFC. Co-produced by Bob Odenkirk and Ben Stiller, The Birthday Boys features the sketch comedy troupe (of the same name) that brings their hilarious brand of comedy straight from the UCB stage. Troupe

Angelo Gingerelli: The Asbury Park Movement

A combination of stand up comedy and sit down interviews, Gingerelli knows his show Comedy on Cookman is important to the arts of New Jersey.

J-L Cauvin: Keep My Enemies Closer

Whether the topic is about race, orientation, prison deterrents, being a larger-sized person, or why women carry small dogs; J-L covers today's world with a fresh perspective.