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Jen Kirkman Seems Like Fun

Jen Kirkman does it all – the Los Angeles-based stand-up frequently tours the country, she writes and appears on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, she’s the author of I Can Barely Take Care of myself, a humorous look at the child-free life, and she hosts her own

GRINGO Sketch Group, LA’s Funny Men on YouTube (Video)

GRINGO posts short comedy sketches every Monday on YouTube. The group consists of five stand-up comedians: Jeremiah Watkins, Omar Nava, Chris Edwards, Jon McCarthy, and Gil Garibaldo. Their comedy ranges from dry humor to absurd and everything in between. You can watch and subscribe to them on

Craig Gass: That’s What He Said

It is said in comedy, a comic spends the beginning of their career finding their voice.  For stand up comedian Craig Gass, it took those early years to find multiple voices.  The dynamic impressionist has been wowing audiences for years with his spot on impressions of celebrities

Jeremiah Watkins Talks About Putting Standups On The Spot

The Improvised Stand Up Show (also known as Stand Up on The Spot and THUNDERPUSSY) is a regular show in Los Angeles that is exactly what it sounds like. Stand-up comedians take the stage and must improvise their entire set, based on suggestions from the crowd. It’s

Kyle Dunnigan’s Dark and Dirty Christmas Album

Comedian Kyle Dunnigan is well known for doing characters and impersonations, so he pretty much only had to bring himself to the party to create an all-star holiday album. AmericasComedy.Com spoke with Dunnigan about making the album, protecting his ego and breaking all the rules at a

Mark DeMayo: 20 & Out

It’s not easy becoming a professional comedian.  Try doing it while working full time on the NYPD.  Comedian Mark DeMayo did just that.  The retired detective, now 46, is working on his one-man show 20 & Out named after the phrase describing officers who retire after twenty

Tammy Pescatelli Finds The Funny Beyond Being an Italian Chick

Tammy Pescatelli’s latest special, Finding The Funny, premiers November 1 on Netflix. Pescatelli spoke with AmericasComedy.Com about the long and bumpy road this hour has had finding its way to air, overcoming her Last Comic Standing reputation as “too Italian” and taping down her boobs to avoid being

Angelo Gingerelli: The Asbury Park Movement

A combination of stand up comedy and sit down interviews, Gingerelli knows his show Comedy on Cookman is important to the arts of New Jersey.

Ten Questions with Eli Braden

Braden is currently selling his entire comedy song catalog for $10 via He sat down with me recently in the virtual studios for 10 questions.

J-L Cauvin: Keep My Enemies Closer

Whether the topic is about race, orientation, prison deterrents, being a larger-sized person, or why women carry small dogs; J-L covers today's world with a fresh perspective.

Greg Warren: Running Out of Time

Greg Warren's a single man in his 40's living in New York and a road comic for 12 years. Tragic? Not hardly!

John Tole, the Metalhead Philosopher

You can hear John discuss a lot of the the interesting topics we touched on (mostly conspiracy theories and personal growth) by tuning in to his podcast 'Disrupt the Illusion' at

Meet the Comics: Alexis Guerreros & Tyler Fisher

On any given night in New York City, these funny folks are performing in shows like athletes hitting the gym. Always funny and steroid free, these comedians are names you should keep an eye out for.

Ten Questions with Danny Hirtler

A few weeks ago I saw Rob Delaney perform at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, NC. Usually I try to take notes on the emcee and feature when I review these shows, but many times those notes get lost in translation. What happened with that night’s emcee,

Matt Besser: UCB Comedy Improv Manual (Interview)

Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh, three of the four founders of Upright Citizens Brigade, just released  The Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual.  One of the goals of this book, according to Matt Besser in an interview with, was “that you don’t have to