patrice oneal, strokeThe “Comedian’s comedian” Patrice O’Neal suffered a stroke as of last week according to his fellow funny friends on the radio program Opie and Anthony Show.

Robert Kelley and Jim Norton of the Opie and Anthony Show, some of O’Neal’s buddies announced on the air, “We’re all here to let people know that one of our really, really good friends fell ill, fell sick… Patrice O’Neal had a stroke. We wanted it to come from us … we don’t know how he is. We don’t know how he’s going to be.” Unfortunately, he hasn’t heard much since the incident since he confessed, “I didn’t want to do this by myself. I wish we had more news for you.”

O’Neal recently appeared on Comedy Central’s grand special roasting of Charlie Sheen a couple weeks ago in September where he tore Sheen apart, with love of course. Sheen said the 41-year old comedian is “a gentle giant, a brilliant comedian, and a noble dude.” He had many kind words and continued, “Wishing him nothing but recovery, healing and laughter.”

O’Neal, who has appeared on The Office as Lonny, has diabetes. In the Charlie Sheen roast, he became a target for many jokes on his health issues. Amy Shcumer in particular blatantly said, “Patrice has always been destined for stardom, and diabetes. So tonight is not just the roast of Charlie Sheen, it’s also a farewell party for Patrice’s foot.”

You can tell that O’Neal keeps friends and family very close to him as Kelley and Norton expressed, “You can write to When we have an update on his condition, we will let you all know.”

So if you are feeling deeply about this unfortunate event, feel free to email Patrice at the email above and maybe bring a smile to the gently giant’s face.

Check out some stand-up from O’neal here, courtesy of YouTube: