Most comedians, when they want to work out their new material before a big tour will make a clandestine appearance at a local comedy club or do an unannounced ‘guest set’ at a comedy showcase. Not if you are Robin Williams it appears.

Williams will take over Sacramento’s Crest Theater this Sunday and will be sharing his workout with hundreds of people in what is anticipated to be a sold out crowd for a single appearance.

Williams will be trying out new material for his upcoming “Weapons of Self Destruction” tour to Australia and New Zealand that will kickoff on November 4 in Brisbane.

As AmericasComedy.Com reported earlier, there is a back-story to Williams’ relationship with Australians and some Australians’ concept of Americans in the Southern U.S. Basically, Williams offended Australians and an Australian offended the South.

Earlier this year on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” Williams joked that Australian’s are “basically English rednecks.” This miffed Australians to no end. Australia’s Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd shot back that Williams should “spend a bit of time in Alabama” before calling other people rednecks. Rudd’s comment sparked anger in America’s southern states.

This once in a lifetime (for Sacramento residents) will require speed and some disposable income. Tickets areR $50 each and are being limited to only four tickets per person.

Quoted in the Sacramento Bee today, Sid Heberger, manager of the Crest, said Williams does similar shows — unannounced, or with little notice — in San Francisco but “wanted to try out the material in another city, and he chose Sacramento and the Crest.”

Tickets sales will begin b at 10 a.m. at or  at the Crest box office, located at 1013 K St., Sacramento. For more information: (916) 442-7378.

An HBO broadcast of “Weapons of Self Destruction,” recorded in Washington last year, has been nominated for three Emmy awards.