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Topics with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter

Everyone who knows me knows I love podcast. They also know about my (unrequited) love for Michael Ian Black. So when I found out Michael (who I will never refer to in an article as Ian Black) launched a new podcast, Topics, with fellow comic/actor Michael Showalter,

Leave Michael Ian Black Alone

Really? He Tweeted a beer endorsement? That’s what all the fuss was about?

Michael Ian Black Tweets Dos Equis Ad, Followers Get Pissed

My God, comedians need money to survive, or they'll have to get day jobs!

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Coming to a Living Room Near You

One thing is for certain, television is about to be a lot raunchier

‘The Burn’ with Jeff Ross (Episode Review)

The set reminds me of a hokey vagrant-infested version of Jon Stewart’s niche

Yahoo! Sketch Comedy ‘Burning Love’ Re-Ups for New Seasons

Viral satire sensation Burning Love is back on Yahoo! for two more seasons, with Michael Ian Black returning as host Bill Tundle

Read about Michael Ian Black’s Reddit AMA

The AMA stands for “ask me anything.” With Michael Ian Black, that can be dangerous. 

Comedian Michael Ian Black’s New Book ‘You’re Not Doing It Right’

Here are a few interesting facts about comedian Michael Ian Black's Twitter account 

Michael Ian Black’s ‘Very Famous’

“My name is Michael Ian Black. You might know me from such shows as Cancelled, Comedy Central’s No Longer on the Air and my sitcom Two and a Half Episodes.”

New York Comedy Festival Officially Kicks Off Today!

If you are currently in the Big Apple and are looking for some classic NYC entertainment, you will find pleasure in knowing that the New York Comedy Festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through Nov. 13 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island

Top 10 Must-Follow Comedians on Twitter

Social media websites have not only changed the way people communicate, but also opened up a new outlet for laughs

Michael Ian Black’s Comedy Central Stand-up Special

On Saturday night, August 6th, Michael Ian Black’s stand-up special will make a premiere on Comedy Central.