comedy, comedian, the office, steve carell, craig robinson, season 8The cast of The Office is now back at work again on season 8 of the hit series, following the few months of summer vacation they receive when they wrap up filming.

“1st table read Season 8!!!!” tweeted actor Craig Robinson, uploading a photograph of the cast at the table read a few moments later.

There are smiles on all the familiar faces that make up the Scranton branch, despite the absence of America’s favourite branch manager Michael Scott, played by the inimitable Steve Carell, who left the series late last season to spend more time with his family. Not, of course, without picking up an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

But Carell’s exit makes room for another Scranton addition as Boston Legal star James Spader joins the cast for the upcoming season. However he’s has made it clear that he is NOT Carell’s replacement as branch manager.

NBC has made a decision on who the replacement is, but no one’s released any information.

However, Jenna Fischer’s real life pregnancy will be written into the season. So the Halpert’s better be prepared, it looks like Jim and Pam will be expecting their second child.

Check out a trailer from last seasons finale courtesy of YouTube: